The Challenge of Oahspe


Dare We Open Our Minds?

The volume of writings published under the title “Oahspe” forms perhaps the most important document ever presented to mankind. It is simple, it is profound. It is crystal clear, it is strangely arcane. Into our fast falling night of human bewilderment and social degeneration, of nuclear anxiety and growing terror, Oahspe radiates a challenging beacon of divine love and power. .

Oahspe offers mankind a faith, a science, a way of life, a philosophy of kindness and goodness that a child could understand. a practical and wise mysticism, a dedication of the self to its highest light in harmony with the All. It offers us the opportunity of a happier fulfilment and a deeper comprehension through understanding of the unseen patterns of life and of death.

One of the most significant directives of Oahspe, amidst our modern perplexities of over-sophistication and the pervading phenomena of decadence, is its blueprint for a social renaissance proclaimed under the uncompromising title of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth. Our present materialistic culture is doomed to hastening decay, but those with greater Faith in human destiny will depart from this creeping pollution, to found a new civilization where mankind can rear his children in useful learning, fruit-full labour, and loving discipline, in simple gaiety and music and dance, above all in a community of mutual aid and brotherhood.

In illustration of the Faithism of the past Oahspe blocks out for us the colourful narratives of the great religious leaders of human thought and devotion through the long cycles of toiling progress and recurrent decline, from the age. of Zarathustra to the Gospel of Jesus the Essene.

These divinely inspired souls have been raised up in the past by the Angelic Light to guide and instruct and redeem mankind, but new eras require progressive revelations in the immensity of the Infinite. One of these revelations for this present Kosmon Era, or as it is sometimes called Aquarian Age, is Oahspe.

FAITHISM is the message of .Oahspe. Faithism is the essence, the pneuma, of all true religious inspiration. Faithism is a constructive

creative. even physical labouring towards oneness with the All One. It is the conquest of self within a perfected selfhood. Faithism is the new spiritual dawn now slowly unfolding. the Kosmon Era of divinely ordained peace and practical wisdom.

In Oahspe there is many an exhaustive description, so far as human language can convey it, of the conditions of that life which awaits us after death. Here on earth this plane of being is merely a valuable preparation for the next. As we build in the flesh so shall we inhabit in the spirit.

The retribution that must await those who wilfully close th~ir eyes to the light may sometimes be terrible indeed, but no soul need remain forever unredeemed. Sooner or later each of us must accomplish our own resurrection, aided lovingly by those above and beyond. There is always a higher state to which the soul may aspire. Beyond Paradise there lies Nirvana, and the soul passes eventually far beyond the atmospherean regions of this poor planet into its superb destiny of infinite power and unfolding joy.

To guide us along the lower paths there is in Oahspe a reasonable and sufficiently precise instruction in the requirements and the pitfalls, moral and spiritual. of everyday human life. The Books of Judgment and Discipline are written not in parables. There is some sober warning and clear advice to those who would seek psychic contact with the world of the spirit. Without personal purity and unselfish and enlightened motives, mediums hip may produce little but folly and disaster.


Of interest to the scientist is the Book of Cosmogony. As Oahspe was first published in 1882, it is worth noticing that Newton’s theory of gravitation, in those days so seemingly unassailable, was controverted by Oahspe long before Einstein’s day. Gravitation is not a property of matter, says Oahspe. On the contrary, matter is a product of the force of gravity .

Elsewhere in Oahspe is to be found fresh light upon the origin of life and the evolution of man. There is an account of the building of the Great Pyramid, with the reason for its construction. The world-wide legend of the Flood is resolved in the terrible story of the destruction of a vast continent with its age-old, degenerate civilization, whose residual highlands and mountain tops today form the innumerable islands of the Pacific and of Japan, and from whose ship borne survivors sprang most of the principal races of modern mankind.

Oahspe and the Faith that it expounds do not presume to be the final and indispensable revelation of the Divine. There are of course many paths – or rather perhaps One Path is variously named, and travelled diversely. Yet has there ever so far been offered, whether to the questing West or even to the wise and timeless East, so plain a guide or so clear a light into that Way where leads forever the eternal destiny of Man?