The NINE ENTITIES – a Summation

Having considered the Nine Entities, or Jehovih and His Eight Children – the Family or the Universe, in consecutive order and each to itself, so far as the nature of the subject allows, it seems that it will be well to review the conclusions anew from the standpoint of their all-inclusiveness. Any philosophy, whether of creation or of human relations must be all-inclusive to be of any value; otherwise it is merely an intellectual toy.

The philosophy  presented by the Book of Ben is so broad yet so detailed as to form an irrefutable foundation for a system of human thought that will at once cover both the Cosmos and human relations. Whereas all philosophies of the Universe have hitherto all posited a ‘beginning’ that of the Entities posits instead – All was; All is: All ever shall be! Beginnings belong only to Forms – Things. But THE ALL was, is and ever shall be! The Faithist reasoning is, therefore, appropriate. It accepts the Cosmos and all that is implied by that acceptance.

Exercising the powers of analysis and of ratiocination  we see that such powers cannot have ‘happened’, but are the eharae-teristies of all beings above a clearly definable mental level. A Source of that attribute is, therefore, a clear necessity; and since, equally clearly, that Source must be superior to all of its issues, IT becomes for us the Fount of Knowledge (Wisdom) therefore of Power. And, further, such Fount being of necessity in harmony with itself we must infer and accept that positive expression of harmony which creates and sustains – Love. Seeing we are able to express these attributes in our own persons, albeit so limitedly, we are bound to trace the All-Source to a UNITY of these attributes in One Person. Him we call JEHOVIH. We therefore begin with a Pre-Existent One: Pre-Existent in the order of thought as a logical necessity to human thought processes, but identical with creative processes, being neither before nor after, but the Ever Active Immanence producing all Substance and directing all Change. Upon and within all planes of creative activity we find that there are ‘beings’ who are the highest expression of these attributes and consequent activities, exercising the qualities which enable them to cognise themselves a separately conscious, both of them-selves and of their environments.

These beings possess the power of understanding and of intelligent co-operation in creative processes, and it soon becomes obvious that all Forms not partaking of the same order of consciousness are subject, in some measure at least, to those beings who have the power to cognise them. This order of Being is, therefore, called SON in its positive forthgoing aspect, and DAUGHTER in its brooding or introspective aspect. Since it is embodied on all planes its embodiments are many and varied. On corpor its embodiment is a peculiar adaptation of corpor, called flesh: an extremely subtle and responsive mode of corpor, allowing of expressions of the utmost complexity and almost infinite grades of refinement of sensation. On (or in) the superior planes the bodies are in accordance with the environment and so far more subtle still and capable of much more refinement and wider and more immediate response. These two modes are understood to be but modes; nevertheless are conveniently classed as Corpor (flesh) and Es (spirit): Corpor – Son: Es – Daughter.

Since all forms and all consciousnesses inhabiting forms are in a constant state of flux (change), it follows that these consciousnesses (beings) must express all grades of expression from lower to higher. The sum total of the highest at any given time on a planet is therefore given a name expressive of that ascendancy, and is called TAE; the highest general expression of mankind. At periods when cosmic conditions are favourable  there appears one or more individuals among men who are obviously head and shoulders above their fellows. These become the prophets and givers of new laws of life to their generation. These new standards, though not immediately accepted, except by the few, become in time the code of the advanced for several generations, and the Lawgiver himself becomes a legendary god or saviour. This tendency to idolise the ideal is called Seffas. His work is to establish: and whether it be on the plane of spiritual concepts, or that of human relations, or of physique, his work is to incorporate in the race those things which emerge on the side of progress.

But without the interplay of the other members of the Cosmic Family the work of Seffas would defeat itself, because of the binding and limiting character of corpor upon its forms and, through them, upon the life which infills them. Corpor, however, is of itself inert. As the vehicle of Manifestation it contains two other entities; Es, which has become entangled and forever strives for escape; and uz, the quality of vanishment, most clearly evidenced to us as Death; but nevertheless always active as the tendency to decay. By these agencies all ‘forms’, whether concepts and their counterparts – laws and doctrines; or bodies-cosmic, spirit or human, tend to pass away. By these means is progress provided for, and the human soul is automatically aided towards liberation as a law of its being. Being self-conscious, and capable of entertaining this conception, it can ally itself with this ‘law of spirit and of the higher life’, or may, contrarily, actively seek alliance with the negative aspects and make them active in its life.

This latter phase is called Ha’k; and is the power or quality of negativity, or darkness. Cosmically considered, it is capable of analysis under two heads: a condition of cosmic density, necessary to the upbuilding of planetary bodies which are, or are to become the homes of mortals; and the inescapable limitation which corpor imposes upon all who take form therein. Here we have to face the problem of evil. Evil consists in the choice of limitation in the presence of freedom. This choice, on the part of a conscious being, is deliberate, and thereby objectifies and makes positive  that which, in its true nature is negative, and merely limiting. Every manifested self makes this choice, more or less deliberately; and so, either cooperates with the All-Self of the Universe(Cosmos). Or works for itself instead, with disastrous results to itself and others. No man liveth to himself alone; and the choice of Self instead of the All-Self brings in its train tendencies which become inhered in the racial being and take generations of effort in the opposite direction to eradicate. But Uz and Es between them accomplish this work in due course, eventually enlisting the one-time evil doer in the work of emancipation. This accomplishes his own freedom at the same time, and restores the mal-adjustment.

These activities of the Entities in the Creational Equation are continuous, though the absence or presence of favourable cosmic conditions at any given time may sometimes make the manifestation appear to be spasmodic. The student, however, may learn for himself to read the Signs; called Esfoma. From these signs the tendencies may be detected and, in time, may become so familiar to the student as to be reliable data from which to forecast times of greater or lesser evil or good. Largely these depend upon certain cosmic conditions which are themselves capable of being foretold and so prepared for. He who would cultivate this quality, or power within himself must study the laws of action and reaction between created things and himself, and learn to control his own reactions particularly so as to gain and retain the mastery over untoward environments. This is the power or Prophecy. It is called prophecy not so much because it is renders foretelling possible, but that its attainment brings the ‘self’ into such accord with the All- Self as to make him “the Voice of the All-Self to others”. He speaks forthe Creator, forth-telling His Will.

The history of the human race indicate that, with the exception of certain times(called ‘dark ages’) there has been a  recognisable continuous change in the reaction to environment which we call process; in fact a steady gain towards better conditions. Our philosophy not only confirms this as a possibility, but indicates what are the rules governing this attaining. This process is in the main maintained until a condition known as Kosmon is reached. This Kosmon is both a place and a condition, considered cosmically; i.e. a place where the condition becomes possible to an inhabited planet. The condition, when manifested in the human race, is known as ‘order’ as contrasted with chaos. This order is a natural attainment when the human race has developed the necessary characteristics which make this order possible. Ignorance must be displaced by knowledge; darkness by light. Self-seeking must give place to intelligent co-operation by the whole for the good of the whole. The narrowness of nationalism (patriotism) must give place to universal understanding.

This is possible only when man has become capable of comprehending the All-Person of the Universe – Jehovih. This comprehension becomes possible only, also, when a certain degree of cosmic light enters and remains in the earth’s environment. But man’s response to this light is only possible when he has had the necessary racial experience to respond thereto understandingly. The whole essence of Kosmon, therefore, is Unity. One Life. One All-Person. One Son – Man. One Family.

The last duty of Seffas, therefore, will be to establish this condition on the red star. When established it will never wane until the red star is rolled up as a scroll that is writ, to be deposited in the Eternal Archives to the Praise of the Eternal One – JEHOVIH.