The Enquiry

Man enquired:-

“Why have I vainly set up myself as the highest of Thy works? My failures are worse than any other living creatures under the sun. I cannot building my house in perfection like a bird’s; my ingenuity cannot fashion a spider’s net; I cannot sail up in the air like the bird nor dwell in harmony like the bee. The half of my offspring die in infancy; the multitude of my household are quarrellers fighters, drunkards and beggars; the best of my sons and daughters are less faithful than a dog; I go forth to war to slay my brother, even whilst Thy wide earth hath room for all.

Jehovih answered:-

“O man to know the creations of Thy Creator. To apply thy knowledge and understand with reverence the work of HIS hand. I beseech thee turn about and hear the wisdom of my words. Thou hast a corporeal body and a spirit body; hear me and I will open they understanding. Thy spirit has eyes and ears and judgement. Nevertheless the beginning of thy two parts was at the time, quickened into life a one person because of the presence of Thy Creator. O man of earth would that thy spirit any thy corpor stood even in wisdom and power all the days of thy life: But thou art so delighted in the earth thou hast left thy spirit unfed and it standeth within thee as a spear of grass covered with a stone.