Coming after the stern discrimination of the Book of Judgment, is the poetry of the Book of Inspiration, the “words of Tae.” i.e. the best, highest expression of the truth in our time. The first 13 chapters contain the kernal of Kosmon teaching, an expression of wisdom, love and power, revered by all Faithists as perhaps the most valuable part of OAHSPE. It can never be read too often.

Western religious thinking, not yet conscious of the source of its new inspiration is shifting from the idolatry of God-King and the Christ-man worship to a deeper concept of that which is “within all, beyond and over all,” or the Ground of Being, an expression which usefully re-emphasises the receptive or feminine aspect of care for life, rather than the positive and masculine giving of life. Among both humanists and religious people there is much talk of a “collective sub-conscious”’ which we each in varying manner share with the united consciousness of men who have lived in the past and all who live to-day. But except in the lip-service of traditional language, little regard is given to angels or spirits or “the whole company of heaven”. Oahspe, however, stands firmly upon the teaching of angel organisation upon the different levels of “resurrection”. But here we have for the most part a statement regarding life energy and consciousness energy made in modern terms.


Chs.I-VII give an explanation of the gift of life and the gift of more conscious life in awareness. This teaching is the basis of that humility, which is the key to all new understanding and to individual mystic realisation. Ch IV should be read together with SPE, Bon’s Book of Praise. (66-3).

Ch.VIII. sums up modern and old commandments.

Ch. VIX. compares direct and indirect inspiration.

Ch.X. warns as to both sceptiscism and to any hasty judgment of sceptics.

Ch.XI emphasises the importance of NOT IMPOSING on anyone a new gospel or creed.

CH.XII. is a statement as to man’s position in nature’s order, his peculiar weakness and his power; his need for guidance and tight vision that good may come of all he undertakes.

Chs.XIV.- XVIII.1. These passages contain suggestions as to the holy days and festivals for the New Age.

Ch XVIII.2. deals with the difficulties of those who would accept perhaps the early chapters, but repudiate the notion of angelic aid.

THE BOOK OF DISCIPLINE was not included in the first edition of Oahspe and is almost certainly not the only addition given under later inspiration, but it is entirely in line with all that has gone before, being a summary of doctrinal statement, combining the beauty of INSPIRATION with the clear, discriminating thought of JUDGMENT, all this in the name of GOD as our ELDER BROTHER, highest angelic personality of the spirit world of our planet, who calls us in the higher consciousness to enter into kinship with the angelic progressively stated and accepted in the Kosmon Age.

Chs.I-III. balance the earlier chapters of INSPIRATION, taking up the last chapter to re-emphasise spirit and angel life in the heavens of the earth, stressing continued life after death, making clear again the distinction between consultation of spirits as exercised under “Spiritualism” for personal advantage and the possibility of higher angel communion, tapping sources of ancient wisdom, realising that even the best and wisest of those departed from earth may, while remaining yet in bondage to earth time, have ascended yet higher, unfolding in greater wisdom, love and power, seeking to guide us and to serve mankind. Each one of us has an individual spiritual inheritance and for unfolding to the finest expression of our own personality for the benefit of all.

Ch.IV. says bluntly that those who are right do right.

Ch.V. explains how to ensure HIGHER angelic contact.

Ch.VI. sums up how higher angelic contact is proved in earthly word and deed.

Ch.VII. compares older and present religious expression.

Ch.VIII. emphasises again the note of HIGHEST inspiration.

Ch.IX. repeats Ch.IV. in a more distinctive way.

Ch.X. considers the stultifying and the productive results of a “sense of sin”.

Ch.XI. repeats the stern judgment concerning unity and fraternity as against that individual or group protest which leads only to a new dictatorship or tyranny.

Ch.XII. makes clear that discrimination involves no hate and love, but only love and yet more love.

Ch.XIV. distinguishes again between those whose desire for change is negative and destructive and those who are true builders of a better world.

Ch.XIV. concludes with a statement on the authority of GOD, as one who was a human being, yet through at-one-ment with the CREATOR OF ALL GOOD, seeks only to serve in helping men to choose the right way.

The statements made in this Book of Discipline serve as a yardstick for all of us to measure our         at-one-ment as sons and daughters of the All Creator, with one who in unfolding consciousness up to the level of our own potentiality, is a true SON of the ALL ONE.

“Behold I show the dumb spider how to weave its geometrical net; is it a greater wonder for me to give words of wisdom to a righteous man?” Book of Inspiration.IX.20 (799) .

“Improve thyself, O man, to be sincere in thyself and in all thou doest, and when thou has attained this, thy words shall be with power.” Book of Discipline. XIV. 18 (844).