Doctrinal Book of Discipline

Whoso ruleth over his own earthly desires, passions, actions, words and thoughts, being constantly watchful for the highest light and greatest good, is on the right road. And if he persist in this till it hath become a constitutional growth within him, then shall he hear The Voice.

Jehovih is as near this day as in the time of the ancients, put thyself in order, becoming one with Him, and no book so easily read as His created universe.

Inspiration cometh less by books than by what Jehovih wrote – His World. Read thou Him and His works. Frame thy speech and thy thoughts for Him, He will answer thee in thine own behaviour, and in thy happiness of soul.

Great wisdom cannot be attained in a day; nor purity and strength to overcome temptation, till the growth be from the foundation.

The fool will say: The sacred books are no more than man of his own knowledge might write: yet, he hath not imitated wisely the power of the words of thy God.

Let him do this well, and behold he will also declare my words are from me. Yea, he will recognise them wherever found.

It is the will and wish of they God, that all men become constitutionally  capable of receiving and comprehending the highest light, and that they shall no longer depend upon any priest, church or holy book or upon consulting the spirits.

That their behaviour may make the earth a place of peace, with long life unto all people, for the glory of Jehovih.

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