There is probably no better way of approaching the great argument for THE ALL-PERSON than a brief study of the NINE ENTITIES. These are set out on Book of Ben – Page 541 of Oahspe the introduction to the Book of Ben – Ben meaning knowledge or Light. The Table of the Nine Entities is so set out as to introduce the student to one of the finest exercises in constructive observation and thinking that modern minds can need and use. It is at once a masterpiece of Analysis and Synthesis worthy of acceptance by the finest intellects of today. Read first the foot-note, below the illustrations (symbolic) of the Entities. Then proceed; first the student is presented with the Whole:

1. JEHOVIH     THE ALL. Indeed, more definitely, in contradistinction from PANTHEISM: – The     ALL PERSON OF THE UNIVERSE or perhaps better the COSMOS. This is Oahspe’s First Great Revelation. The religions of the world, past and present, know not JEHOVIH. Gods many, and Lords many, and as in the Christian Theology, God and Lord inextricably mixed up beyond possibility of clarification. The ALL PERSON of the Universe seems, however, to be even yet beyond ordinary conception; and needing a degree of spiritual enlightment of its understanding.

2. TAE    Entity Two: – MAN (TAE). Man, i.e. The Human Family, is the perceiver of Jehovih. Every age has its highest type. This highest expression – VOICE- of and age, Past, Present, Future, is therefore TAE, and by courtesy, the generally accepted highest man in any age may be so called.

3. CORPOR    On this plane of creation the Entity Man (Highest Expression – Tae) manifests by, and knows only Matter: herein called CORPOR. Length, Breadth and thickness are found to be characteristics without which man fails to recognise anything. Man, the earthman, knows what he knows by the exercise of five senses.

4. UZ    Common experience, however, soon brings home to man evidence of other creations with which cannot be brought within the three dimensions of this external experience. He comes to recognise the evanescence of Forms in contrast to the persistence of TYPES. Forms die but types persist; and in the mind of man memory links evanescent Form with persistent Type, and realises LIFE ever within apparent DEATH.

5. ES    The impotency of the Form contrasted with the potency of the Type reveals to the Neophyte the Key to the realisation of the Unseen as the Potent; and leads from Corpor to Es; through Death to the Gates of life. And here man learns a second great truth, viz. That Life is Spirit, and Corpor but its vehicle of manifestation; and further, that as man is the highest expression of Life on Corpor, so man, escaped from Corpor by reason of the persistence of the Life, becomes its expression as the Angel in the Essean life.

6. HA’K    Where Light reigns darkness cannot dwell. Some men find Corpor sufficient. Many pass from Corpor into Es still filled only with Corpor desires. These actively or passively, remain under the dominion of Darkness. Cosmically considered, darkness is a Creational Density, which makes the conception of Spirit difficult, or even impossible, until a condition of up-grade in spirit has been established. This applies to Races as well as individuals.

7. ESFORMABy the establishing of the Spirit in man; by the growing appreciation of the inter-mingling of Es and Corpor; and by the exercise of this growing reasoning faculty, man realises that indication of the Times and Methods by which Es increases its permeation of Corpor to its ultimate Redemption are abundant. Corpor forever tends to un-corpor itself. This Uzation. It is also Liberation! Redemption! The signs thereof are called ESFORMA – (Spirit Wind). Literally – the way the wind blows.

8. KOSMON    As the purpose of man and angel as factors in Creation become apparent, man gains experience and profits by mistakes. He learns to appreciate ‘thins’ and to assess their values. When this reaches a condition of fullness and of universality, barriers of all kinds are surmounted and vanish. Commonality of experience realised leads to harmonic concepts and universal understandings. This is KOSMON, and is both COSMIC condition and Racial Realisation.

9. SEFFAS    Man, being a spirit manifested in Corpor, is always more apt to hear the Voice of Corpor than that of Es. He may school himself to hear Es, but his Corpor nature, by constant though passive tendency, ever tends towards a Corpor interpretation, which constitutes a bondage. Thus man is ever pat to elevate the Form (e.g. Dogma) above the Concept (Doctrine). To trust in the Church, Government Force etc., rather than in the ever growing Spirit within all things. Hence SEFFAS 0 the Established Order – is ever inclined to become the idol of man instead of THE CREATOR.

(Some helpful passages toward the fuller comprehension of the implications of the Doctrine of the All-Person of the Universe are: –

Page 27 Verses 10 – 12 and P.220 Verses 7 and 8

Page 201 Verses 13 – 18 and P.236 Verses 9- 15

Page 666 Verses 9 – 15 and P.525 Verses 1 -3