Oahspe has been called a Bible for the New Age, this being the third great evolutionary period in the history of man on Earth, and the seventh in the history of our planet.

Oahspe calls it the ‘Kosmon Age’ “when the heavens are opened as a book is opened”. This could simply be put as the maturity of SPIRIT in MAN. This conscious awareness magnifies our whole conception of the Creator, and in relation to the size and place of our planet Earth, makes  for understanding the oneness of the Human and the Divine.

Oahspe is made up of many different books; doctrinal, historical, scientific and esoteric.

Copies of OAHSPE are available to be read at the Church or purchased for £20.00 from the Kosmon Press.(plus postage, international shipping is available, please contact us for a quote)

Also available:

                    The Twelve Gates

                    The Book of Ascension

                    Proof of the Authenticity of the Mundane Records

                        of OAHSPE, A bible of the new Age

                    The Teachings of Oahspe

                    Oahspe Studies by Greta James

                    A Path of Light

                    The Seven Principles of Spiritualism,

                        The Universal Outlook by A. Frost

                    On Meditation

                    The Mystery of Karma

and several other booklets to aid the seeker on the path of light

Further Studies


The Challenge of OAHSPE