THE CREATOR: “I am the All Highest! My service extendeth forever. I go not, but I am afar. I come not, and yet I am near. My voice is in all places. The light of the soul of man heareth Me. I speak in the vine that creepeth, and in the strong-standing oak”.”By virtue of My presence are the living brought forth into life”.

LOVE: “Whosoever openeth his soul in love and harmony unto others on earth, shall find love and harmony in heaven”.

WISDOM: A wise man. perceiving the defects of -the society, will not censure it. but turn to and find a remedy”.

GOOD WORKS: “Save ye become workers for Jehovih, by lifting up your fellow-men, how hope ye for good angels to come and lift you up?

WOMANHOOD: “The hand hard with toil will insure a better heir than the dimpled hand of a proud woman”.

THOU SHALT NOT: “The Lord maketh not alive any man whom he desireth shall be killed”.”Whosoever Jehovih created alive is sacred upon the earth”.

NATIONS: “Neither shall one nation judge another. Behold, I alom shall judge; My mark is upon all those that engage in war”.

PEACE; “Neither shall evil and darkness and misery cease on the earth till I have disbanded the dealers in death; by My own hand will I liberate the nations of the earth; their armies shall go away, like the winter’s snow in sun of summer”.

THEOLOGY: “I say unto thee, that a poor man, who cannot read a line, that goeth into the house of the afflicted, giving what little he hath, and, with a willing heart, cleaneth the floor and garments of the bed -ridden, is more learned in My kingdoms than are these graduated preachers” .

WEALTH: “Two extremes meeting are always dangerous; great wealth and extensive poverty. It not only devolveth on the rich to give their substance to the poor, but they shall go amongst them, teaching them and lifting them up”.

ORTHODOXY: “Ye played upon the honest innocence of man’s understanding, contrary to the will of the Almighty. Ye have holden your sacred books up, and said: Here is the ultimate; beyond this no man shall go! And ye knew. the while. that any fixed revelation could not be true, because all the universe is in constant progress”.