The Rite Way

It is a part of Kosmon teaching that there is an unseen world around about us, the great spheres of spirit which inter-penetrate our world. These states of life are divided into ‘resurrections’. The first sphere of life into which a man passes when he dies is the ‘first resurrection’, that is – resurrection from the physical body. In course of time he rises from that condition into a higher one called the ‘second resurrection’. The difficulty he faces when he awakens from death, if he has no spiritual knowledge, is that he objectifies himself in the first resurrection and no-one can do that without becoming more or less earth-bound. To objectify oneself in the first resurrection creates a magnetic link with the physical world.

What is it then that someone with spiritual knowledge strive to do?

He endeavours to objectify himself with the second resurrection, that state which is above the limitations of earth bondage. The steps unto this process are simple an yet difficult. The first effort is to make a subjective association with the second resurrection ignoring the first. We gain association with anything only by turning our heart and mind toward it. If you go through life without trying to realise in any way what the second resurrection means, you will not come into subjective association with it in the full manner that you could.

Rites and ceremonies that have spiritual power within them help us to come into subjective association with the higher spheres. These rites, linking us with the celestial spheres, produce vibrations and a condition of harmony within us which accord with the plane of the second resurrection. This accord is not possible unless there is harmony within. Harmony within can only be realised when we understand that there is something higher than life on earth.

If all our thoughts and aspirations are centered in the earth life and nothing else, we cannot make a link with the second resurrection and out interior selves. We have shut the door. With this in mind, therefore, we must endeavour to bring ourselves into harmony, that which is call ‘the unity’, to attune ourselves to the One All Light, the Eternal Father. Then we can begin to realise His presence within and around us and this identification opens the way for the spiritual forces to seep through our being and these find a capacity within the human aura which responds as these forces flow through it.

In your studies you learn of the power of thought and al those things which aid by bringing the mind to realise its inherent power. Ritual are practical expression of thought bringing the mind to understand and realise the flow of spiritual forces within oneself. Nevertheless we must never forget that the origin of all forces is the Eternal Father – that He is the Life and the Light.

Objective association with the second resurrection is possible – but more difficult – because it require the elimination of the lower self which limits you. However, when you have grown in spirit you can be i objective association sometimes when the body is asleep or in trance. Subjective association is the first step. Bring your self into harmony with the All Mind. Your prayers and meditations all help but a rite, as an act of service, makes for the unification of the potentials which are within you and leads to great creative possibilities.

We should assemble to commune with the angels of the higher spheres regularly; then we gradually grow into an awareness of their presence day by day. They quicken within us the high vibrations of their world and assist us towards a full realisation of the Creator’s pwer in us. Heaven becomes positive within our life and we are unfolding in the light more and more as children of the One Father. Let us hasten this process that we may become efficient workers for the founding of His kingdom.

E.F. Morley


    “Father….Thy light, Thy love….through all Thy works we see; Thy voice we hear, They presence feel…”

The first lesson on the path of spiritual awakening is to learn to turn the heart and mind toward the source of Al light, the origin of all inspiration. This begins to open the channels of light, of guidance within us. To see His presence within everything is to come toward a new concept of life. The presence which holds all creation in a unity within which we have our place.

Basically it is His love that maintains the universes, physical and spiritual. it is His love that directs the angels to minister to us even though we be unworthy of such grace. Gradually we come to hear His voice – not in earthly words but as deep and holy inspiration. Our personal highest light becomes even higher and, slowly, leads to a greater vision.

We begin to experience His presence which gives us the strength, the power that carries us ever onward. We know that, for evermore, we are ‘safe within His keeping.’