The Quarter 21st September – 22nd December

In Aries is a new beginning, in Taurus the establishment of a new endeavour and in Gemini the realisation of the duality of the Higher and Lower self. Then under Cancer, Leo and Virgo we seek the great spiritual energies which feed the soul, the receptive and projective powers linked with the moon and the sun, the healing and restorative powers of nature. In that quarter we were concerned with maturity, with attainment, with freedom from the limitations of corpor.

Surely there is something in us, some element of our being which has chose to be born on earth which here manifests a life purpose, which the conscious mind has to unfold or find. The seed of the spirit lies in the womb of the soul and its gestation depends on many thins. For many people realisation of the spirit comes only after corporeal death, but in those, who call themselves seekers, this realisation has come into consciousness while they are still on earth and in the corporeal body. This can and should be so with all men and women. Some children are already born, in whom the realisation of the fuller life of the spirit in the body comes naturally with physical growth. But for most of us still, corporeal maturity comes long before our real spiritual birth. Many fully grown men and women are still in spirit as babes in arms.

How often do they feel helpless? How often do they cry?

Through Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius we come to the spiritualĀ  expression of true spiritual maturity and move towards the acceptance of spiritual responsibility. Libra, the Balance is and airy, spiritual sign. We are all at first biased towards corpor and must seek the balance through aspiration and heavenly instruction. We turn from Corpor and fin in Scorpio the meaning or corporal death. In the waters of Scorpio corpor is drowned as the world once drowned in the great Flood. We cannot step from the difficulties of earth straight into the sweetness and light in heaven. The ascent is not easy but it will be made when we realise to the full, the drowning horror of being altogether swamped in corpor. From the death of earthly desire, from bewilderment and set-back, even from pain and suffering, the spirit is released to ascent upward like the eagle which once represented this zodiacal sign.

In many lands this is a time of harvest but the corporeal harvest must be truly assessed before the soul seeks the higher way. And what is then attained? In Sagittarius the fiery sign is the Archer often represented by a centaur. The fiery power of Aries was latent; that of Leo explosive. Now in the horse is an emblem of life energy but the house-man has energy under full control. Now is the fiery power in Sagittarius under perfect control and effective; with bow and arrow and straight aim, it hits the mark.

The seeker is now a disciple learning control, cultivating his nature in balance of body and spirit, ready to endure, to suffer, knowing new aims, know new joys of attainment. He is preparing for that service which is prefect freedom.