The Path

Speaking as Faithists, we should say that the struggle with changing exoteric doctrines enables the mind to find the real in the midst of the changing. Undoubtedly the rigour of the Oahspean teachings assists the ultimate abandonment of limiting creeds, and in every other respect to regard creeds as formulae which must change with the mind’s changes.

As the initiate advances from stage to stage he experiences changes taking place both within and around. As he changes, so does the world change for him. These changes go on, and sometimes definite periods of change can be discerned. We may call these “cycles of change.” There is at all times no lack of incentive to further discipline; indeed, it seems to be imposed by the conflict of the outer with the inner experiences.

As the attainment advances, the latent occult powers begin to manifest. Such things as clairvoyance and clairaudience are experienced, and the ability to transcend corpor, and to function on the spirit planes, becomes an accomplished fact. In fine, adeptism is advanced, and, to the coming race of adepts, we can confidently look to solve the vexing problems of the great – and betimes troubled – world of ours, that the final, or Kosmon Race, shall come forth in the Light of Day. So may you, gentle reader, do your part to augment so desirable a thing. Moreover, the way of initiation is open for you, and joy and peace shall be yours in the dawning or the awakening of the higher self.

Many make the mistake, in commencing the path, by endeavouring to unfold the psychic faculties first. This is not to be desired. But the first steps in the path of initiation aim at strengthening the psychic body, and the new body – the Es body – is slowly built up from the elements of its spiritual surroundings, and is, in effect, an adeptus body possessing the powers of a Yogi.

The first effect of the changes that manifest themselves are the lightness, joy, peace and these increase as time goes on. As the spirit, or adeptus, body grows, and the changes corresponding to physical growth manifest, the elements of the spiritual body arrange themselves around definite psychic centres. Here care is needed by the culture of all that is hold and true. The ability to calm all distressing elements of the mind should be advanced, and the emotions controlled or changed.

The growth can be quickened and maintained by spiritual exercises. But let us here at the outset say: “Don’t dabble with psychic experiments if you are desirous of going straight away with the higher soul unfoldment. Commence with disciplines – not too harsh or severe. Train the mind in correct habits of thought, and as the days ripen into weeks, months, or even years, so will a new world be unfolded, with all its beauties and marvels. The higher planes are open because the higher phases of consciousness have been developed.”

All contemplations, can be made disciplinary; in fact, there are some forms of concentration which require the fixation of the mind on a definite object; to constantly bring the mind to one focus, tends to develop this fixing on one object or one-pointedness; transcending all limitation, and this overcoming the resistance which is natural to every effort on the lower planes.

There are exercises of cleansing, breathing, and rituals known to initiates, which it is not the object of this article to enumerate. It is well for every student to seek a teacher on this plane. There are many good books which will help the novice, and and earnest desire is bound to find response, and help the novice, and help will be at hand when needed.

For these on which the mind can dwell in contemplation OAHSPE is replete, especially in the Books of Inspiration and Discipline, and The Founding of The Father’s Kingdom.

The overshadowing of the teachers on higher planes; the spiritual associations with those on the Path, who are still embodied on earth; the release of the corpor bonds, and the exaltation of the higher self, will make life a supreme joy, and reveal a sure objective, explanatory of the problem of existence.

There are undoubtedly many who start on the way of initiation; many who do not progress far in this life; in other words, there are many called, but few chosen.

Though the chosen may be few, yet it is to them that the world will ultimately owe its redemption.