The Essene Exordium

Through the long ages since man first appeared and the Adam race lived upon this earth, the light of Emeth – which is Faith in the One Father of All – has waxed and waned, but to-day it is renewed again.

In that fair land which once blossomed like the Garden of Eden, a holy temple was preserved in which the spirit of Iesu ever shone, until great darkness having come, the Lords from Etherea in their deep wisdom sent the flood, even the mighty waters of the Pacific, to engulf the land.

But the Light was carried in the Arc of Noe by the faithful few to distant lands, there to be kept shining until at last the time has come when once again Iesu should be born in human form. For well nigh seven thousand years the spirit of perfection was renewed from time to time, in Iesus, great teachers, prophets and light-bearers, until there appeared in Judea the great one, Joshu Nazareus known today as Jesus. Is his wonderful life the Ieseu ray manifested in so many ways giving token of the Word made flesh, even the Father’s will toward men.

Most of the true history of his life has been lost, and some of it later became confused with that of lesser leaders-forth; but of this we can be sure, that in Joshu the perfect spirit was again revealed to man.

For his coming the Essenes has been brought into being under angelic guidance, and in accord with them he taught the supreme value of the simple, spiritual life; the daily baptism, the holy supper, the vital power of prayer, the communion of angels, and the laying-of hand to bless and to heal. To-day we bow our heads in reverent memory of his life and service, and make a link again with his bright ray of ministry.

Many there have been who drew their inspiration from the Essene light, Nazerenes Gnostics, Arians, Copts and the early fathers, of whom legend says that one came to this land of ours to bring the symbol of the Holy Grail. Today we remember them, not in controversial thought, but in fraternity, seeking to restore the original simple faith, and by spiritual means to guide the nations from narrow creed and dogma to reverence not a man made divine, but the divine in man, the Infinite light, Father of all in every age.

We build for the future, for that day when God’s Word will truly find a place in every land and every heart; and the holy city, Yer-shalam, will rise anew.

In the sanctuary of the soul, the power of the Sacred Name, even the Yod, He, Vau, He, is manifest as Shin the Holy Spirit – Yeshuah. And when Yeshuah has come, then shall we know Iesu. The world-teachers shall return in power, and the great ones of ancient times shall appear again in sargis, and among them shall be the gentle Master of the Essenes – Joshu Nazareus.

For the coming of that day let us watch, work and pray, until at last all shrines throughout the world are linked to each other in one holy and fraternal bond, and spiritual light shall be supreme in every land, the Father’s Kingdom being established in peace, wisdom, love and power.

Light of the Essenes we salute thee, Ave.