The Declaration

I declare unto Thee, JEHOVIH, in the presence of the Faithists here

assembled, that henceforth I will worship none but Thee, Thou All Highest

Creator, Who are variously named by mortals, Jehovih, The Great Spirit, The

Almighty, The Eternal Father, The I Am, The All Light, Eolin, Ormazd, The

Architect of the Universe, Ever Present in all and yet above all, unto Whom

none can attain for ever.

I declare that I will henceforth turn from evil and strive to do good, that I

may come into at-one-ment with Thee, Thou All Father, Life of all life, and

Soul of all souls, Who art to the understanding of all the living even as the

sun is to the light of day.

I promise to abnegate self and dwell in harmony with my brother and sister

Faithist, also to respect the authority of the Chief of Community.

I promise to put aside the uncharitable tongue, and not to perceive evil in

any man, woman, or child, but only the limitations of their birth and


In Thee, O Jehovih, is my trust.