By F.G.D.

As the days lengthen and the sun rises higher in the heavens and the song of the birds issues once again from tree and hedgerow, the spirit of man rises hopefully in keeping with the new growth that is everywhere appearing. Its is in the attitude of hopefulness and expectancy that the mind rises above the backward pull of the dead past, and by responding to powers emanating from the realms of vital creativity brings new life into activity within the human form.

Is it easy to be hopeful in the world to-day when one half of the planet is set in uneasy array against the other half, and the genius of man is bent towards finding more and more devastating forms of destruction? It would appear that instead of man’s accomplishments giving him greater serenity, orderliness and security, he is griped with fear of the very powers he has evoked. Surely then, a new vision and orientation is now a necessity. Even those who have never head of the Kosmon Era realise that the world they once new has radically changed and new life impulses are not only inspiring invention and discovery and new forms of art and music, but are urging man in unexpected and often uncomfortable ways to break with the accepted and familiar.

Yes, even the new lawlessness is only the effect of new and strange impulses activating perverted humans, and at the same time, revealing to man the inadequacy and ineffectiveness of his religions; for, unfortunately, religion has done little more than suppress the human spirit instead of releasing and guiding it in the adventure of its true destiny. But the arc of light in the mighty C’Vorkum into which the Earth is moving brings a quality of life which cannot be suppressed; and the need is for mortals who can respond to the spirit of this new age with courage and spiritual sensitivity, and while sloughing off the mental shackles of the past, avoid the confusion and eventual bondage of the libertine; then, by association with the Powers and Potentialities which are beginning the regeneration of mankind, bring some understanding and peace to a distracted world.

Kosmon, therefore, calls all those who can foresee no bright future in serving self, no weave in political manoeuvres of the balancing of military powers, but who realise that only as the qualities of brotherhood and service find expression in individuals, can governments and nations come together to start the founding of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth.

We may be a long way yet from the full light of the Kosmon day, but sometime, somewhere, we all have to turn from the burdensome round of reaction , and retaliation to things that are unreal, and become creators of the good and true under the Father of All Creation who gave us life.

The Springtime is propitious for new beginnings. May we not then say? “The old life is past and gone, henceforth I lead the new life of success in overcoming, that by Jehovih’s power within me, I may become a radior of His new Light and Life”.