Rays of Light

Extracted from the Book of Vohu Esforma by a past Faithist

The Kosmon Era, which commenced in the year 1848, represents the beginning of an age that will bring about· startling changes in the world; changes wherein much which can be termed as the ‘established’ in the life of the present generation will disappear as if it had never been. In which much of the prevailing doubt and unbelief of an Ever-present Creator, operating through the ministrations of millions of, high-raised angelic throngs, will be replaced by a belief in all these points. At first this belief will run to an unwise extreme, opening the door thereby to much confusion and conflict.

After a time, however, races of men will be born who will possess capacity for manifesting life on a far higher plane of active expression than anything at present believed in (or even deemed possible). A marked feature of ·the generations of the new age will be a receptiveness to the guidance of the Lords of Wisdom which the present age is, in a mass sense, incapable of comprehending. One of the leading aspects of this future age will be the replacement of all the present day religions by a new – yet world old – universal comprehension of the Creator and His creations in a form rendered acceptable under common and world-wide similarity of attributes capable of manifesting activity according to the special requirements of every land, yet linking up all peoples in indissoluble bonds.

Long before this development arises millions of present day mortals, having passed through the doors of death and having qualified in Essean (Spirit) training schools for the labour called for, will enroll as volunteers in great angelic throngs organised to that end.

One of the purposes for which Oahspe was given to the world in the year 1881 was that the peoples of this age might learn-something of the labour called for and all that it entails while still living in corpor bodies.

It cannot be disputed that we live in an age in which illiteracy (one of the great limitations’ of the East) is fast disappearing. Each successive generation will prove more and more unwilling to be chained to traditions and customs which are founded mainly on ‘believed in’ dead pasts and which in truth cannot produce a particle of evidence that they are knowably and positively associated with the demands of the new age, under the directive activities of the highest intelligences who perform the service of the All-Highest Creator in the organic heavens.

Consider then how the book ‘Oahspe’ should be studied and the light conveyed thereby so developed that fundamental truths contained therein investigated and tested, through the experiences of daily practical life, to the end that the inherent mortal limitations of all men may be overcome. The revelations in ‘Oahspe’ cover so extensive and varied a field that the. serious thinker into whose hands the book falls is apt, at first either to be at loss as to how they should be read and interpreted or to get so confused by much that is seemingly contradictory or inconsistent in statements conveyed through the revelations themselves – in addition to their being utterly at variance with many present day accepted thought conceptions – that the individual labour of testing and sifting out the shrouded truth is found to be too arduous a task for all but the most tenacious and persevering. Furthermore, little or no advance in comprehension can be made unless the seeker is actuated – either knowingly or unknowingly – by the true desire to attain knowledge whose functional activity derives from the same inspirational light as that which originated the conditions for rendering the revelations – that is, the light of the· organic heavens.

Be not surprised then to learn that the revelations are but little known and are at best understood – in so far as they relate to the esoteric and cosmological sections – only in a most elementary degree and by proportionately few of those who possess a copy. Let it suffice that a ‘complete’ knowledge of them cannot fall to the lot of this generation. To attain to such growth is the conjoint labour of properly organised and correlated anchorages encircling the earth. Obviously the pioneer labour is immense, full, of difficulty, trial and doubt for opposition has to be faced from every side, which will be evident in the highest places as well as the lowest, both from the ‘seen’ and the  unorganised unseen.

This, however, is as it should be for without such experiences, the truths revealed could never be made provably manifest in addition to which individual and grouped capacity for organic growth and expression any anchorages formed would never be properly developed. Nor is there any aspect which calls for a greater ability to respond to the higher intuitions of true organic growth and sound judgment on the part of anchorage founders than does a clear recognition of all that is implied by the statement just made. Avoid error in the early days at all costs, no matter how trying conditions may be, for over-zeal and refusal to recognise realities of responsibility are elements full of the most detrimental forms of negativity to which it is possible to give expression.

Endeavours to realise that, providing the conditional laws are obeyed, the intelligence of beings, having thousands of years of experience both here and elsewhere, is ever endeavouring to aid one’s efforts according to the degree and function of activity manifested. Think not, however, that such beings are within our power to call and order at will or to make our servants, nor that they will on their part ever attempt to make us their servants. All labour to one end only and this is an organised at-one-ment rarely to be comprehended even by the best and highest of men.

Many, prone to hasty judgment, will say that the view just given is manifestly associated with pure spiritualism. It is not difficult to prove that every true believer in oriental and occidental sacred books, ancient and modern, must of necessity come within the wide category covered by the term ‘spiritualist’, if such meaning includes all who believe in an unseen progressive growth for mortals after passing through the doors of death.

As the growth of light proceeds and the prevailing ignorance regarding the most vital distinction which exists between the ‘organised’ and the ‘unorganised’ unseen is replaced by knowledge, this will bring in its train a demand for more light out of which new and more exact terminology will arise. A function associated with present growth is therefore one of opening the door to the true seeker who will, of a surety, be led to the place of affiliated labour.

Looking further, shall we feel discouraged or dismayed that, as yet, but little is known of the labour of mighty legions of ethereans (one-time mortals on corporeal worlds) who endeavour unceasingly in obedience to the will of a Council? Directed by the All-Highest Creator and located in a heaven far remote from the earth’s atmospherean heavens, they engender an inspirational activity within the realms under their control- an activity whose objective design is to call world rages to rise upward and seek thereby for a greater comprehension of the relationship holding good between Man and His Creator.

Passing strange and varied to our vision are the ways of the Rulers and often will the light be found where surrounding conditions contradict the corporeal judgment. Hence, despise none nor ever think that a monopoly of intelligence exists in anyone place throughout the boundless universe. Is not the greatest wisdom that which ever expresses the highest intelligence with the greatest humility? Nor can such humility ever be contaminated by the kind of servility or bondage so mistakenly deemed necessary by many in the conduct of corporeal affairs.

It should be realised – despite all contempt, ridicule, indifference or antagonism which may fall to one’s lot -that ALL, the believer and the unbeliever, the wise and the unaspiringly ignorant, sooner or later, must return to those regions through which the unmanifest soullight passed on its primary journey into corpor life expression. Time passes and the student finds ‘to his surprise that slowly, ever so slowly, a stage of mastery over the corpor self is being reached which places those who have capacity and strength to maintain its growth upon an eminence from which that which is missing in the revelations is revealed. Later, at a proper time; this step is productive of further revelations whose wonder, immensity and beauty cannot ever be associated with the profane. Then, of a truth, will the seeker KNOW that man on earth awaits in vain for· world-teachers – in the sense that such will be recognised or acclaimed by the multitude. Blind to the light ever shining in a darkness largely of their own making, the great masses of humanity struggling for existence do not yet realise revealed in the words ;

“And I provide for them in their darkness, saith EOIH, for I bring the earth into a light region in the firmament above and I send My Holy Angels to deliver them out of darkness and bondage. In My Name raise’ they up men with eyes to see and ears to hear, and I proclaim unto the nations of the earth.”

In conclusion, let us be patient arid forbearing and ever avoid dogmatism and schism in interpretation. Let us never forget that that which applied to the generations of the past will not apply to the present and will apply still less to the future. The truth of yesterday is the truth of today but the truth of today is a great expansion of the truth as proclaimed yesterday. All things suffice, in their entirety, only for the age to which they are revealed. Remember at all times the song of the angelic throngs who but wait the call to aid us in the great labours it should ever be our joy to enter into and fulfill.

“Not ours the glory 0 EOIH !  But Thine

Unto Whom be all adoration and glory forever.”

From : Vohu Esfoma