It is important to take note of the fact that inspiration is imparted to the individual in a very precise fashion by the process which is known as Overshadowing. What this means is that a ministering angel in the Higher Planes will at times draw very close to a person who has a Spiritual work to do onĀ  earth and impress him/her strongly – without, of course, interfering in any way with his/her free will.

This may take the form of producing a flow of ideas in his/her mind, giving him/her vitality, or inducing in him/her a condition of emotional upliftment.

The one concerned may not be conscious of the association which is entailed, but this will not necessarily limit the power of the resulting manifestation.

On the other hand if he/she is educated in the principles of angel communion he/she can strengthen the bond greatly by deliberately focusing the mind upon the unseen overshadowing – the principle of rapport.

This it may be remarked is not an advanced operation. At the very beginning of your service in Kosmon, you can aid those working in the Unseen by linking yourself mentally with them. And you will soon find that an increased flow of power results. At a later stage it is possible to render this affiliation much more intimate by esoteric means, but it is sufficient at this point to realize that even the simplest form of mental communion with the angelic helpers has the most productive results.