Since the winter solstice the sun has moved steadily northward until now, in this northern hemisphere, it has reached its highest overhead and all nature responds to the suns direct rays in a profusion of new growth and livingness. The fruit is set in the trees and the rose deep-rooted in the earth sends forth its fragrance to enchant a summer garden.

There is an analogy between the seed in the soil and the descent into matter of the human soul. The seed, when forming, draws into itself the life-power of the sun through winter days the seed buried in earth’s darkness contrive, all unseen, its new creation.

Only by the suffering of the seed to breaking point in the cold clay does the flower dance in the light of a summer day.  The root dumbly struggling creates splendours which it dreams all alone in the dark. And so our ‘clay-shuddered eyes’ cannot see the beauty of the spirit-form being fashioned by our striving to overcome the resistance offered by corpor to the aspiring soul. So much of our spiritual growth is made in the darkness where men and angels feed not the soul; where we have to press on alone in faith, making our own pathway where no hand appears to point the way – only the sun of our souls is ever beckoning.

Man will not find living beings with physical bodies on other planets in this solar system because the life principle does not become physically embodied on all planets; it stops short one of the etheric levels surrounding the material core. Almost all planets have a central dense core which is only ether but the manifesting on a different frequency to the surrounding ether but the manifesting life-principle is most often clothed in the finer ethers of the heavens above the material nucleus. It is rare for the eternal spark to become physically embodied. Hence there is a true symbology in the Christian story of the son of the eternal being crucified on the cross of matter. But it is in the overcoming and resurrection out of matter that the great work is accomplished. The prodigal son who went farthest from his father’s home gained the greater reward.

So it is because man has forgotten his high origin and his obliged to press on through the shadows of earth that is higher self grows in majesty. By his efforts to find light through the darkness, rare qualities, fine essences ascend upwards along the line of his descent to add a radiance to realms trough which his soul will return.

The ancients made use of magical powers because they believed their natures were woven into the pattern of creation giving them access to creative sources. We must, in modern time, regain those lost powers which are our birth right. The first requirement is to turn to the father who, mystery of mysteries, is the one yet the all in unity. “To know me is to know all things saith Jehovih. — He who striveth to me is my chosen”.

When we make a covenant to Jehovih we can expect a response and the theme of the reply is always the same. “Because thou dost covenant to me, I covenant to thee also. I will give you peace, happiness, confidence day by day. I will sustain you in every need. My almighty power is shining within you now and I will awaken you to realize and use that power in my service and in every aspect of your daily life. Never mind about physically inherited tendencies and difficult environment; the times when you have tried and seem to have failed. I understand all these things and some seeming failures have woven a garment glorious to behold. I give you my strength because you open yourself to me.”

In the stillness where we find communion with the father, love is the all-pervading note. In his presence, which is the presence of love, resentments and indignation have no place. He is the life in every soul and those who are lifted up in his love are filled with tolerance and compassion-even for the transgressor and will seek in love. Prayer and understanding to raise him also.

In that stillness we shall know as we known and a wider vision give the understanding that he who sent us forth and those through auras we passed on our journey earthward have not forgotten and all is well – because the sun of our souls shines eternally.