Extract from a Trance Address

All through your earth life you have had to struggle, you have had to overcome remittances, because the spirit vibrates at a higher rate than does the physical matter in which you live. You have never been able to move upon the physical matter in which you live fast enough you have always desired to get out and beyond it. You may not be conscious of this fact but it is nevertheless true. The earth life therefore is only the beginning of wisdom. You start to gather your experiences on the objective physical plane. In earth life some irksome trade or not, and however much you would have liked to get away to fresh fields.

In the spirit life it is beautifully easy to get away from the things you do not like, for you grow most by assimilation with the things you do like. This however cuts both ways. If throughout the physical life one is fond of physical enjoyment, and revels in the desires of earth that one is not happy in more angelic surroundings. He will obviously prefer contact with the earth plane. He assimilates with those things which are akin to this earthly nature, he is happy in them and may, unless he arouses himself from such illusions, become earth-bound.

You have knowledge of earthbound spirits from various physical happenings in places where such things become objective, and believe us, one of the things which cause great concern to those who dwell in the angelic life is this earth-bound condition of so many of the inhabitants of the heaven world.

Of course there us a constant missionary effort by us, but to go and preach religion to them does no good. You have the experience of this in the dark places of your earth. To preach religion would have no effect on people who are incapable of responding to it, because their desires do not allow them to respond.

In the heaven world then, a more positive method is followed. It is pointed out to them, by appealing to their rationality, that their continuance in the condition will ultimately bring them destruction, or bring them to a state which will be very unpleasant for them, Very often we take to those who have risen beyond them, whom they knew at one time and for whom they may still have an affectionate regard. It is easy for these risen friends to persuade them to leave the old forms of interest so that they can be taken into those places where they may begin to realise what the higher life means.

You yourselves are limited whilst you are alive on earth. You cannot imagine how little you are able to enjoy life as it is. Because the earth binds and limits you so much, your mind is only capable of manifesting in certain directions. In the glorious light of Etherea the limitations of earth are entirely removed, but you are none the less objective. There you live in the glorious light of Reality, in the one All Life, in the one All person. Also you will live for ever and for ever, knowing state after state and still higher experience after experience.

What then is the purpose of your religion today?

It is to help you rise above the bondage of earth. And if you can rise above that bondage you will find that even on the physical plane and in the physical body you can come into close association with those minds who have transcended the physical plane. It is at that time that a new light comes into your being, a sense of enlightenment which you have never before known, a consciousness of something more than the physical eyes can see, but which the senses of the interior personality can know and understand.

You have begun your ascension and for you the earth life no longer holds any particular attraction. The reality of the spiritual life radiates out of you and it is by this larger and fuller reality that you live and conduct your earthy affairs. Nor will this detract from your service to humanity. This religion will help you to serve your fellow man better than ever before.

You will not make the mistakes in life that you did in days gone by because now the mind living in rhythmic rapport with the more angelic planes of intellect is able to determine things in a way that was not possible before. And all the while you are growing because you have put aside all limitations, you are not troubled any longer about doctrines or the old beliefs. Now you can say; these things may be correct in their place, but they will not limit my growth any longer. I will strive rather to come into at-one-ment with the celestial sources of ALL LIFE.

When you come to this resolve a wonderful change begins to take place in the spirit body which is already growing within you. It becomes awakened and roused into activity, and if you could see it in its manifestations you would marvel at the beauty of its form.

The true man has a body of light, for there is a light within him. It shines through him, an unwavering light not only an illumination but an actual radiance. Those who have spirit sight can often see when a man is awakened spiritually because the thick envelope which surrounds him, called the aura, is glowing and scintillating with colour. If you have attained to any measure of at-one-ment with the All Life on the more interior planes of transcendence there is no misunderstanding with those on a similar plane. Men and women understand one another perfectly here. If only we could come into at-one-ment with these planes here and now, could we not help to sweep misunderstanding from the world?

It is said the world needs a practical religion. It certainly does. Here is a practical religion through which men and women are taught how and in what way they may realize their spiritual needs so that realising, they gradually become transfigured and transformed. There is that growing within them which would not have been, but for this Path of Unfoldment. And when the light of this religion increases in the human race there will be less misunderstanding in the world. There will be a growing desire for universal peace, and it will become impossible for anyone to be happy whilst there are people who are starving or in disease. The human race will see that both poverty and disease are eliminated to make an earthly paradise.

This church teaches you how this is possible, how it is by your own endeavour to grow more and more into the light of transcendence that these changes will take place within the human organism and within the spiritual body which is anchored in it. As these changes take place, the more interior planes of life are contacted and all power flows from these planes out into the physical plane. This new light within is flowing all over the world, and it is flowing out over the vast body of believers who have received a sweet, a strange and interior illumination. As they seek it more and more and as their numbers grow and as men begin to abandon craving for this or that form of belief and grow toward this spiritual unity the glorious light of truth will come into its own in all its fullness.