Cultivation the Consciousness of the Healing Power Within – Leslie Clarkson

My thesis is as follows:  “There is ONE LIFE present everywhere and each of us is in that life and of it. That Life is our consciousness and as we learn to accept the Omnipresence as definite and Creative, by that inner God-consciousness we may learn to redirect and inspire the inner life or SOUL, which then knows what to do and by perfect LAW how to do it, so that nothing good can be withheld from a Life of true health and well-being.”

Within everyone of us is a health-giving and healing power, which can be used to direct and sublimate the energies of our lives. This power properly directed is free to rehabilitate the etheric structure for health. It can heal the afflictions and ailments that man is heir to. Every form of spiritual healing uses the concept of destroying the dam of repression and tension, which is destructive to health, so that the inherent healing power, which is the natural function within the nervous system, may operate. Behind all meditation systems is the up-raising of the human instincts so that there is a new directing of the “libido” or psychic energy. As psychologists know, this is associated with the sex instinct, whose energies lie below the threshold of our consciousness. Where, however, the libido is sublimated and directed towards a higher ideal then the energies are fully put to work with optimal results.

By avoiding the damming up of natural energies, the body and mind are able to transform the environment, i.e. the aggregate of external and internal conditions affecting our conscious external and internal existence. There seems to be as yet little understanding of the practical means by which the spiritual forces underlying the universe and permeating the nature of man may be utilised towards creating a new heaven and a new earth. Only with universal co-operation may such an ideal be realised but for anyone who would seek the higher contact the reconstruction of true health becomes an individual task, the rewards of which are great indeed~ There are many systems directed to the Universal Mind, the Great Spirit and all that are important have one thing in common. The underlying idea of a mental healing system is as follows: in the ethe encompassing and pervading the structure of every minute body cell is a spiritual force, infinite and omnipresent. This force is Life itself. According to the higher teachings nothing in the Universe is dead; rather everything pulsates with life. Every part of an atom is alive and the electron is a crystallisation of its own magno-electric power. This Life-force is boundless and man too is saturated with it as a sponge may be saturated with water. This force in man is spiritual; it constitutes a man’s higher self. It is his link with the Godhead, the God in man. Every molecule in man’s mind and body is saturated with life-power.

Primarily it is when man offers resistance to the flow through his being that he becomes tired and often ill, this conflict continuing to mortal death. One may perhaps ask how man is able to offer resistance and to put up opposition to that force which underlies and evolves throughout the universe of which he is a living part. The cause of this resistance lies in his complacency and mental confusion, to moral cowardice and false perceptions and negative thinking as opposed to the true nature of life. The errors may be unconscious as modern depth psychologies have demonstrated. Man is rarely aware of all the involuntary intricate processes going on when his food is circulating, his glands regulating, so that air, blood and nourishment go to every bodily organ. All these processes are involuntary and so to a great extent are his resistances to life. He has surrounded himself with a crusted shell of prejudices and all-conceived fantasies about life which armour him against enlightenment; prevent the entrance of higher inspiration always ready and available to him. What wonder then that he ails and is so helpless and bereft of true understanding? Indeed ignorance of the laws of life carries no pardon. The law works silently regardless.

It would seem then that few individuals are able adequately to work harmoniously with life, whose immutable rhythms are everywhere manifest in accordance with the cyclic laws. Consider the sun, moon and stars, all moving in their inexorable times, always in their “right” place. It would seem that only man has wandered in ignorance and self-complacency from the divine cycle of his spiritual progress and how sadly does he pay for it!

The first step towards real freedom and health is a conscious realisation of the vast spiritual reservoir in which we live, move and have our being. Contemplation and repeated intellectual effort make this study part and parcel of our mental outlook will dissolve and break down that crusted shell of prejudice and fantasy, so that life and spirit may pour forth in increasing abundance. Health increases and a new life begins. One’s environment then attracts just those people who can assist us and help in various ways and soon many worth while amenities of life become available.

This transforming and refining of the mind and body must start with that bodily exercise which is partly at least under our control that is with rhythmic breathing. Regulated breathing is a must. The air we breathe if fresh is from one moment to another charged with vitality and the breathing process provides a general regulation. In the very air we breathe is the active principle of Life. Rhythmical breathing should be practised at fixed and regular times of day without any strenuous forcing of the mind or overtaxing of the will. Forcing a rhythm into breathing is not necessary; all effort should be gentle and easy and relaxed until the skill is obtained. Let the breath flow in easily while mentally counting one, two, three, four, pause a split second before exhaling on the same count, pause again slightly before the next breath. Maintain this rhythm with realisation of its sense and vitality. Try to do this when there is little likelihood of interruption, but do not strain to do it for too long at first. Cultivate too the art of relaxation, addressing each muscle and part of the body so as to loosen all tension. This is particularly important in regard to the solar plexus, which is around and below the diaphragm which controls the breathing. It is important at first not to increase tension here when practising the breathing. Learn too to think of your blood moving as it were in response to your command, flowing to each organ, carrying life and nourishment to all parts. This done consciously; can produce a state of glorious radiant health. After relaxation and the development of blood awareness, the rhythmic breathing becomes ever more effective and as the mind accustoms itself, the lungs will take up the rhythm and maintain it.. The preliminaries are important for then as the lungs take up the rhythm, inhaling and exhaling to a measured beat, so will the Divine consciousness communicate to the consciousness extending to every part of the body, even to every cell and tissue. With practice every cell will vibrate intelligently, sympathetically and radiantly. The whole organism will come to feel that there is an inexhaustible storage battery of energy and power, with which it is at one. The mastery of this technique is the most important part of the life regime. It is the basic principle [or all higher development.