Angelic Preceptory

What is it the Faithists believe?

The Faithists believe in the All Pervading Presence of LIFE: Life manifesting in everything in every direction. This strange something which cannot be defined in ordinary terms is itself the Life Breath of the Universe, and in the Universe the things which exist are said to be living.

Why are they living?

Because it is necessary that Form should manifest, Nothing can exist of itself without manifesting the type and symbol which is behind it. The flower is a symbol of harmony. Man is likewise a symbol of harmony.

The profundity of all this speaks to us with a grand and sublime truth: that, since form exists everywhere; since matter is thrown into form through the activity of life, there is behind this activity a Working Intelligence. Now the Intelligence which we see expressed in everything, in birds, in flowers, in crystals, in the dewdrop, or in the eyes of our friends, has a Source: of course, when we speak of a Source we are speaking in terms with which you are familiar, meaning that there is an Origin in Time: but, it does not matter: let us start anywhere: at the beginning of the formation of this Universe, if you like. Start there as a point connoting the commencement of Time, and as the process of Creation has proceeded, the forms, from the planets to man, have been in manifestation.

Now, the Faithist recognises that there is a Power behing this manifestation, and this Power is the ALL INTELLIGENCE which starts to manifest at that point in time to produce a Universe and the various forms of differentiated life.

The Faithist regards life as a process which is concieved in the Mind of the FATHER as the ALL INTELLIGENCE; but that is not all, because most people who believe in the ETERNAL FATHER believe the same thing. The Faithist argues that life is not confined only to this Earth. There is life on other Worlds; and there is life beyond this physical place. Thus, says he: When I die I pass to the Spiritual Worlds and continue there the life I began on Earth; though different perhaps. Undoubtedly, there must be a difference in some way or the other: hard for me to understand now, saving that I can refer it to some point in my experience which has had an exalted significance for me.

Life, therefore, is continuous. And since life is manifest in all forms of matter, there may be states of matter with which he is unfamiliar, says the Faithist. However, he can only trust to what he is taought by those who come to him from the great Unseen; unless he has the power to leave his body in trance or sleep and investigate these realms if he will. Many there are who possess this faculty. However, the Faithist knows that by and through this experience he has without a doubt transcended the physical imitations: by communing with the Unseen to receive from those who have gone on.

May there not perhaps be a difficulty at the border-line of communication, says the Critics. May not the evil spirits come and speak to you? May it not be that they are “deceivers ever”?

Tho Faithist answers: Like unto like, for like myst attract like. Therefore, by and through our devotion and our meditations we shall seek to approach the higher planes of consciousness, and instead of bringing the Angels down to the plane on which we ordinarily manifest, we wil reach up to them, and they shall tell us of their life.

The Faithist, therefore, believes in the possibility of a higher Angelic or Spirit Communion. THis Communion will help him. It is advisable to seek it only for or with the object of gaining spiritual light on spiritual things. Then, such a Body of Community as the Faithists may form will be guided and directed by those who are in the Higher Worlds, the Worlds of Spirit, and they will give them light and knowledge on the things with which they are familiar.

Has this thought ever come to you: Would it not be a wonderful thing if the Churches could just wake up to the fact that it would be possible to come into direct communication with the other planes of life and being through a form of higher Spiritual Communion? There may be something, after all, in man which if it were quickened, could respond to the vibrations in the ether coming from all parts of the World, and if you had an instrument such as you are already familiar with, and could tune this instrument to these vibrations they could be translated and made to repeat the sounds which were being caused at their origin. Now a few years ago that would be more than wonderful, and hard to believe, but with you to-day it is a commonplace.

Regarding this matter then: Is the mind less than a machine? is the brain with all its wonderful plexuses of nerves, its cells, its ganglia, its peculiar form of tissue, its substance which secreted the forces which now are under discovery by microscope: all these things manifesting life: is it more than wonderful then that the mind can transmit etheric waves and another ind attuned to receive these waves can interpret the message sent? This is undoubtedly a possibility and believed by many learned men to-day. Let us extend this smile then: in the great Unseen are minds more potent, because they are free from physical environment: minds active and potent. It may be, however, that their vibrations are too high for us to catch if we cannot attune to them. That is the secret which the Faithist has solved. That is the secret which all those who are striving after the Higher Life have solved: To attune the mind and the heart to these higher etheric vibrations. This it is to communicate with the great Spiritual Brotherhoods, and to be inspired by them.

Now let us consider another point. Everyone is anxious to see the World a brighter and better place for  Humanity to live in. All Political and Social Bodies, whatever their Creed, have this Ideal, to make the World better. Well then, surely those minds which are free from its environment, knowing that the man in Earth is a Spiritual being embodied in a physical form, must know what would be the best. They must know that a man could be rightly guided to doing the best for his fellows. Perhaps by such guidance the many mistakes which have been are being made be avoided. Perhaps under guidance of the Higher Worlds there would be no more War. Perhaps under the higher guidance of those who have risen in Liht man would be able to master his physical body and keep disease at bay. Perhaps under the great Lords of the Universe man might learn to master, or could cause the elements to obey the commands of the Light as it manifests forth.

These things are all within the bounds of possibility.

So the Faithist believes in in the All Wine, All Pervading Intelligence as his Heavenly Father. He believes his Father doeth His Will though His Angels and the souls of men. He believes that he can come into communion with the Rites and Ceremonies tend toward that end: all Meditations help toward the accomplishment of that Ideal. An further, he believes in the spiritual brotherhood of Man.

Day by day, then, man realises that he is not a physical body; that the physical body is the means through which he expresses himself, making it possible to live and to obtain the experience which shall fit him for the life into which he shall go when the Earth life is over.

Now that is the Religion for you. A Religion which will guide you daily toward the accomplishing of something which will help you to realise its purpose. A Religion which will cause you to realise the purpose for which life is manifesting its presence. Think, then, to-morrow you may have to face an experience which will call for you to exercise the utmost capacity of your being. You may have to do a great duty: it may be simple: it may be complex: it may be social, ethical; it may be occult: but there it is, and that experience will make its impress upon you, and because you have entered into it you will be the better and stronger for overcoming any difficulty it may impose, and the Spiritual body may be the more objectified.

What is this Spiritual body?

Well, there is about you everywhere the substance of the great Unseen, and out of the substance of the Unseen the Spiritual body is built up. The moment you turn your thoughts towards Spiritual things that Spirit body begins to become active. Before that it is just an inert form, it is like a cloud, until Death arouses it or you awake out of death through the Spiritual awakening of your consciousness: then the Spiritual body begins to vibrate, and through these vibrations it takes on the outlines of the physical body. It is, however, more refined and beautiful. It catches the glimpses of the Rainbow of Hope; it s clothed by the Sunshine of Eternal Love; it steals its message from the Stars; it responds to the gentle vibrations of the planetary Orbs. It becomes awake: and like a child startled in its sleep, it asks the meaning of this strange World which it now sees. It is the first experience, then, of the awakened one whose Spiritual body begins to respond to the influences of the interior plane; and waking up, all about ir there glows a peculiar light, something like the light from the moon, rose-tinted oft times, as if the life breath of the Universe is being breathed into it.

Surely this is the body of the Resurrection mentioned by St. Paul in the Christian Scriptures. Surely this is the body in which Jesus is said to have appeared to this Disciples on his Resurrection. Surely this is the body in which the great Adepts of India travelled from place to place. This shining luminous form which in its grandeur of highest manifestation can  outmatch the beauty of the stars.

My brother! My Sister! When you start to think on Spiritual things, and to realise their true value, then this power begins to awaken within you. There starts this little light which begins to expand. The Spiritual body is built up and you are beginning to realise that about you everywhere are the finer forces of the Universal Life. The mind begins to look on the World differently from what it did before. Things that have a spiritual value now become more real than ever they did, and one by one the others pass away and grieve us perhaps for only a day. There are strange happenings right within, as if an illumination floods the inner chambers of the soul: the  Should has awakened into the Light.

Now, we can look on this as really a scientific fact, because previously the etheric body had nothing to awaken it and it required the vibrations from the ghigher planes to call it into activity, although dully affected, according, according to one’s destiny, by the vibrations of the sun, moon, and stars; and yet somehow as if the density of corpor caused a kind of sluggishness in its manesfestation of things brought out on to the material plance. That is why the wise men can predict the future of an individual until he has passed the Spiritual poise, when it is not so easy. Having reached the Spiritual poise the powers of the Higher Life begin to manifest and that sluggish Spiritual body awakens; becomes dynamic; it now receives the higher and finer forces of the Universe; it is linked with a Mind, the great mind of the Master, the Teacher; it is linked with the Mind of the Watcher; it walks in fields with which it was not at first familiar, fields carpeted with flowers, and the steps tend toward a glorious City. This is the City of Man’s Attainment: called in the Faithist Scriptures, the City of “Iesu.” That is the state of perfected Man.

But who of us can attain this in a day, or perhaps a hundred years? But we can all strive to attain it.

So the Faithist argues that when men and women strive after this Higher Life, and know and understand that they are receiving power from the interior planes of life through that capacity which is seated in the soul, they know that these powers are radiating out over all the World, and the World catches them up. The people of the World are quickened by them.

So you too may be a vessel of the Light. You, linked with the Interior planes of Being can receive from them, and radiating from them this Power can go forth. Without uttering a word, be silent Messengers for the Minsters of Light. Slowly and surely as the World awakens to these things it will leave works of Darkness, of degradation, it will leave the works of Sin. And man shall regain his liberty, his freedom and birthright, and walk upright fearlessly before the Sun and receive of it from the Celestial Universe those powers which shall quicken his Spiritual being. And then the Darkness shall pass away.

But these things cannot come in a day!

We must make an effort. And every Faithist feels the responsibility – his to do his part, knowing that at last this Light shall become “World Embracing”.

So, as we gather about you here to-night, we transmit to you the power from the Spiritual planes, that the Soul awakening may respond more and more to them; and then just as the flower opens to the sun, so shall you open to the Sun of Eternal Righteousness and be enfolded in the All Creator’s Love of the Spiritual Universe and grow more and more into that Unity which at last shall set you free. AMEN.