A Comment From a Faithist

“As a Faithist I believe we have to analyse all previous religious teachings through the lens of Oahspe. We can also be inspired by the work of Carl Jung in analyzing mythologies as relative to the human psyche. I have been most inspired by the myth of Shiva/Kali because I consider it to contain a great deal of wisdom regarding the relationship between man and woman. I also see it as containing with enormous significance the most valuable aspect of Hinduism, being the annihilation of all illusion that is not compatible with the highest heavens: Super human faculties also enter into American comic culture, modern mythology to entertain the masses. Another powerful myth created in the U.S is that of the ‘aliens’ and I have recently met a chap who visualized these fabricated entities during a near death experience.

The oldest archetypes are very much part of our collective ‘unconscious’ or deep psychic roots. I have powerfully visualized or dreamed a rainbow Buddha, Jesus, Ganesh, Kali, and Shiva.  These can be considered distractions or emblems of advancement along the path to enlightenment, although excessive focus on that visionary aspect is an obstacle in Kosmon terms. Far greater for me are the visions given through Kosmon itself.

A vision of heaven, a golden emblem of the Celtic Cross/symbol of Eternal Power, and the wonderful gift of knowing that we will one day have access to bliss consciousness!

We cannot but admire the amazing feats of yoga performed by the Hindus. Even in India itself few can achieve such control. I consider that it may be enhanced by Saturn being the leading planet for India. Perhaps the U.S being such a violent nation is controlled like Britain to a certain extent by Mars (and Sagittarius).

I have recently been given by Fate a great opportunity to learn how to control strong emotions. These can be countered by contemplation, walking and by the interaction with friends and the community in general.

The miraculous elements of all religions including ours (Kosmon) is not an easy factor in teaching ‘doctrine’. That is why I have to focus mainly on spiritualism as science of the knowable, enhanced by aspect of Kosmon as previously mentioned.”

(With Best Wishes To All. Andy, Edinburgh).