OAHSPE is a remarkable work, notable for the fact that it sets forth in a clear and powerful fashion the cast scheme in accordance with which the affairs of the world are directed from the angelic realms by those who are doing the Will of the Creator in the service of the planetary ruler, or the God of the Earth. The leading ideas which it expounds are these:

 The Creator is described as JEHOVIH (OAHSPE, p6). This is an arcane, Kabalistic formulation which must not be confused with the Jehovah of the Hebrews. JEHOVIH is conceived as being both transcendent and immanent, the active Principle within the cosmos and the souls of men, yet forever beyond all. He must be thought of as male and female in one.

 His Will is expressed through His angelic ministrants and the souls of those in physical incarnation. An impressive picture is given of the scale and character of the activities in the higher spheres, while it is made unmistakably clear that man’s preservation and development on earth depends to an extreme degree upon the guidance which he is receiving, whether he realizes the fact or not, from the inner planes of being. There is also a remarkable account of those beings, once mortal who after hundreds or even thousands of years of experience have attained to the higher spiritual grades, while in the opposite direction the tragic histories are given of those who denied the Creator and set up ‘false kingdoms’ of their own.

 The book describes in considerable detail the occult laws and cycles determining the conditions affecting the development of humanity and contains a treasury of arcane symbolism.

 Very definite teachings are given with respect to man’s spiritual development. It is emphasized that in order to ascent he must abstain from all psychic contacts with those who dwell in the less progressed discarnate state and link himself spiritually with the emancipated beings who live in what are described as the higher resurrections. An essential condition of this communion is association with others in groups and brotherhoods. As an indication of the development possible to man while still on earth the lives are recorded of a number of spiritual teachers who had attained to the state of ‘iesu’ – complete union with the Father.

OAHSPE opens up wonderful vistas of knowledge, and every member of the Community should acquire a general knowledge of its doctrines.

Associated Teachings

Nevertheless, it should be recognized that, comprehensive as are the teaching of OAHSPE, they by no means exhaust the possibilities of Kosmon in the wider sense of the term. For the influence of the Kosmon Light is such that it has the effect of transforming our conceptions, stage by stage, in every branch of knowledge. Hence it is quite possible to develop a definitely ‘Kosmon’ type of philosophy without connecting it in any close or direct fashion with the presentation given in OAHSPE.

 The teachings of OAHSPE have been propagated since 1905 by the Confraternity of Faithists. In our Kosmon Church we use OAHSPE as a source book, but are interested also in all teachings which express in any way the spirit of the Kosmon Era. In particular we base our work upon a collection of documents upon a collection of documents which have been communicated to us from the angelic realms, and which are especially formulated in order to re-interpret, correct and transform modern philosophies and theories in the light of more interior and mystical realizations.

The Kosmon Path

This process of re-evaluation is essentially a philosophical undertaking. But philosophy is only one component in the spiritual life of man. In the leaflet introducing enquirers to the Community certain basic principles are enumerated which it is appropriate to set forth again at this point


Acknowledgment of man’s essential unity with the Creative Spirit, the Architect of the Universe, known in OAHSPE as JEHOVIH


The reality of an order of transcendental experience which is accessible only to those who have unfolded the higher part of nature

Spiritual Communion

Association in different modes with the ministrants in the Unseen who are aiding humanity along the path of emancipation


Recognition of the value of all forms of spiritual experience and practice which bring men and women into closer union with the Creator

Transcendental Science

The study of the divine forces by which cosmic order and creation are maintained


Those who follow the above principles and worships the Creator in the Light of Kosmon under the name of JEHOVIH are known as Faithists in the Great Spirit = shortly as Faithists.