About Us

Two great movements betoken the coming of a NEW AGE, which we call the KOSMON AGE. One evolves from scientific research and one from psychic research, which may be regarded as a branch of science an extension of philosophy or a matter of faith. The Kosmon Church has a particular function to perform within the wide field of spiritual investigation. Our groups are small, like that group of seven which in 1904 laid the foundations of a Church, but our associations with other small groups are world wide. Spiritual guidance is at the back of so-called chance or coincidence, which makes for contact and a surprising response. Our original seven came of two men being directed mediumistically to meet the other five. None of the founders or first members now remain with us, but be assured that in the Essean world they carry on the work and unite with us. Their presence may manifest in a sudden vivid recollection of an old associate by an individual, who would never claim mediumship or even clairvoyance.

There is no movement which goes forward without hindrance. There are times when new life flows forth and times when the wellspring from on high seems closed; this is in accord with spiritual cycles.

“Why did this fraternity have to come into being?” The ordinary spiritualist movement had demonstrated that man survives physical death, that heaven was a place one could know in the here and now, that as spiritual beings we live in a world of spirit as well as in a world of matter. The Kosmon Fraternity was given a task, which will go on for centuries yet. First it was to help restore the most ancient faith in the One Supreme Being, the Infinite Mind, Father and Mother of all and the realisation of that Mind as the source of consciousness, strength and inspiration. The Creator is ONE, though he expresses Himself through myriads of worlds, stars and solar systems and through myriads of souls not only on this planet but on others.

The second axiom of faith is that life is eternal and that physical death is but the ending of one phase and the beginning of another and those other developments are even then to come. The third teaching is that under Our Father-Mother we are brothers and sisters, but for this realisation we must lay aside old concepts, creeds and dogmas.

Finally we must touch on deeper matters. Scientific discoveries in the hands and minds of most men and women may manifest for good or evil. But there are signs that human nature itself is changing and change for a new race will evolve. All over the world children are born to an awakening sense of spiritual realities and for some at least this new awareness will never be destroyed by the old environment. Slowly the ideal of a changing world, of a better world of beauty and of peace will spread. It is for this new race that we are working. Individually we may help, encourage and bless children whom we know or meet; but together we need to open up the channels of inspiration from the higher worlds and we may in association with these higher beings begin to help in the cleansing of the intervening spheres. These intermediate worlds as OAHSPE calls them are like a dark and depressing cloud, obscuring the light of the Sun eternal. Many who have died in wars and disasters, many bound to ancient disruptive creeds need help from above and our faith in the worlds above makes their work easier and more effective. In our united work we use ceremonial to help everyone present to concentrate their thoughts. In the world outside there are many individual ways by which we can help to break down race and colour prejudice and assist others to recognise the burgeoning of the spirit which lies beneath much of the restlessness, anger and enmity of our times. So we seek by word and deed, by thought and spiritual effort to lay the foundations of a new world order, sometimes called “The Father’s Kingdom”.

There are many, many earnest souls linked in this work. There are other churches, societies, fraternities with similar ideals and we ask a blessing on all. We have no quarrel with any Church or faith and we are quick to recognise that even within the older and more rigid orthodoxies, there are individuals who seek only that which is true and good and valuable and that new thought is here and there emerging. If the world is to be changed we must each go back to a simple faith in the ONE ALL LIGHT and acknowledge that power within us, seeing life and death as the beginning of a grand and glorious adventure. Seek then ever for new understanding, a wider vision, a greater purpose and seek ever to serve and help your neighbours and fellows. Look into the starry heavens and survey the wonder of life on this earth and respond with a sense of adoration which is true worship.

The Church was founded in 1904 when a group of four men, Alfred Bridger, George Morley, F.T Davies and Frederick Wilson purchased a copy of the Oahspe which had just become available in the United Kingdom.

Oahspe is a book given to the world in 1881 through a Medium called Dr. John Newbrough, an American graduate of medicine and dentistry who was gifted with powers of extra sensory perception. His hobby was psychic research and instructed by his spiritual ‘overshadowing’, he purchased a typewriter and sat typing for an hour before dawn each day. He was told not to read what was being typed until the book was completed. Oahspe was published in 1882.

It was not until 1906 that the Church was formalised with a Constitution. The specific aims then were to worship the Creator and uplift man’s spiritual powers; to acknowledge the gift of freewill given to man and the practice Angel communion for instruction from the Higher Light; bringing mankind into harmony and unity.

The Kosmon Church was moved to Walton on the Hill in 1952 and was registered as a charity in the UK in 1966, its doors are open to everyone. Its principal aim became the healing of the planet and turning the minds of the world’s leaders from war and anger to peace and love. Spiritual energy was generated by regularly raising the vibrations within the vortex of the church, through prayer, meditation and ritual.

We are located alongside the Kosmon Sanctuary.The Sanctuary’s task has always been, still is, and will be long into the future, to create a place of peace, a place of quiet solitude, a place where worldly people can go to release and to heal.


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