How does one, attracted to Kosmon teachings, explain himself or herself?

How does one, attracted to Kosmon teachings, explain himself or herself?

Where do we stand? To anyone beginning to read ‘Oahspe’, ‘The Voice of Man’ either makes no sense at all or appeals with considerable force. Even in the latter case, it may come as a shock to find the great religions of the world – Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Mohammedanism – set aside as the four heads of the beast, i.e. relegated in the light of new thought as evil. It is an attitude of mind happily accepted by any agnostic but, surely, to one approaching a new line of spiritual thought, there is good in all. Naturally we shall have our prejudices depending on our previous spiritual wanderings. If we had a Christian upbringing, we shall either be prejudiced against it in favour of some more ancient wisdom or we shall feel in our heart of hearts that the teachings of Jesus give us an outstanding lead towards tolerance and peace.

Shall we then agree that a religion is good in so far as it is not

a) exclusive, claiming to be the one and only way to salvation and eternal life.

b) divided into sects intolerant of each other but its adherents united

c) aggressive but those who belong truly seek peace?

Do any of the four great religions pass this test? Do we not see them more than ever divided, one sect excluding another, others perpetuating ancient enmities even to the ‘point of murder in the name of religion, others inflaming nationalist passions  against attempts at international understanding.

Then if, like any agnostic, we set aside all these ancient establishments, what then is our choice? We may agree at least that we cannot be effective as a better Christian or content to join some meditative group based on eastern religion as a sufficient exit from our western traditional establishment, though we may honor and respect those of our friends who come to some such conclusion.

But, not being agnostic, what are we? We are, in effect, ‘Gnostics’. Gnosticism is a recognisable heresy in the Christian set-up so, if we wish to explain ourselves, could we not simply announce ourselves as heretics?

Gnostics believe fundamentally in three things:

1. In the Fatherhood and the Motherhood of God

2. in ‘angels, archangels and all the company of heaven’ but that the vast majority of these are one-time mortals risen in· wisdom, love and power in the life after death. Angels are not a ‘separate creation’ though a few high raised ones may, as mortals, have lived on other worlds than this.

3. all mortals now born on earth inherit eternal life and all go to a heaven of some kind. There are religious, national and sectarian heavens, heavens like youth group congregations eternally wriggling to loud music (hell to some) and summerland nature heavens (a bore to many). As we grow out of  time into eternity and move away from our corporeal clutter and concepts we may choose to settle for a time or to embark on that truly great adventure onward and upward.

What is the crucial point of decision? It can be taken even now. That we cease to seek for ourselves in both the corporeal and the spiritual sense, that we become aware of others needing help more than we do, that we-pray that we may learn to be of help.

It is good to be aware and to want to understand; it is vitally important to grow in, love but the crux is when, ‘in association, we become effective – even powerful – for good, knowing how to comfort, how to help and understand, how to wield a power which is beyond the simple surface kindness to others. But, again, there is a test. We shall not expect reward-or feel important. Every blessing, every success will bring greater humility and always we shall reach out to those above in the name of the, All One, of All Light.

If told you can become an apprentice angel, what would be your reaction? We hope you would laugh aloud but that, in your laughter, there would be seed of true joy and abiding hope.

Moreover, if you desire association, which is geographically not possible, all you should do is to keep in correspondence with some other Faithist.  No-one in the Kosmon church will complain if you go to meditation classes or attend your parish church or associate with-any charitable organisation. In silence, in singing praises, in good works; your service is of your own choice.