Answers to a Question

Answers to a Question

It is not uncommon to find people who may be charmed by a Kosmon Church service or an informal gathering of Faithists , interested in our magazine and in preceptories, finding a thrill in selected readings from ‘Oahspe’ – though the bulk of it is hard to take – but who do not feel able to join us.

One often voiced objection is that we are not ‘big enough’. “I would join” ,said one, “if wherever I went to live, at least in this country I could find a Kosmon Church.” A rather unkind answer to the effect that we cannot grow into tens of thousands until we number tens of thousands does spring to mind but the fact is that most people nowadays have a somewhat tenuous hold on social life or any sense of community unless they conform to the established order in politics or religion or are perhaps attached in some form to educational practice.

Another has put an objection in another form. “I would not wish”, said this one,” ‘to be so peculiar that I could not begin to explain myself to anyone else.” Most people assume that, if’ ‘you are at all concerned with spiritual matters; you ‘must be some kind of Christian, unless you have opted out to be a Buddhist, a Muslim or latched on to some Hindu guru. These are recognisable aberrations but, though one may have some kind of’ ‘association’, socially speaking one is setting oneself apart. This may be, something of an adventure, an expression of ‘new thought’, if one is young and rebellious against the establishment but it has little appeal to older people who are, nowadays, often the seekers on the way back from indifference or agnosticism.

Where then do we stand and how does one, attracted to Kosmon teachings, explain himself or herself?

What do we have to say..

…On the Light of Oahspe

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…To those Interested in Occultism

To those Interested in Meditation

…To the Humanist

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