The Kosmon Church welcomes all those seeking the Light and TRUTH of JEHOVIH THE CREATOR.

May all who enter grow in Spirit, and find inner peace

and an expression
of the Divine
in Man.

The symbol as seen represents the Sacred Name of the Creator in a Tri-Unity, the Circle of Love, The Cross of Light, and the Leaf of Life.

Greetings at this time to all Faithists, Oahspeans, Seekers of Light, and followers of the Kosmon Religion.
As the Old Year is passing let us pray that the darkness in our world is redeemed and the Light restored as the New Year Anno Kosmon 169 dawns.  Many hearts will leap with joy at the realisation that there are only 31 years left to complete the 6 generations of this 200 year Dawn in Kosmon.
The human spirit will never remain subjugated, it will ever rise up as is being experienced in our world today. At this time to fulfill this dawn we should look to the descent of the High Raised Hosts into the Atmospherean Heavens as they work to bring about change in our world.
In our prayers and meditations let us remember the New Light and Power which they bring and send forth our Light to blend with theirs, as they bless us unto the coming of Jehovih’s Kingdom on earth.Remember ever to be well guarded, the darkness ever seeks to try to hold back the Light as is witnessed by the battles and wars now ensuing.
The Light will prevail as Kosmon comes out of the Darkness.Be of good cheer!
Love to all! The Peace of the Father-Mother Jehovih-Om be with you all in this New Year and ever.

All Blessings in the Creators Name.

Keep the Faith!

To Contact us please write to The Kosmon Church, Spinney Cottage, Walton Manor,

Walton on the Hill, Tadworth, Surrey,KT20 7SA